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Fequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the public hours at Centennial Farm?
A: Monday - Friday, 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday, 9 a. m. - 4 p.m.
Note: The Millennium Barn and Century Barn close at 3:20 p.m.
Centennial Farm is closed to the public on weekday mornings to accommodate scheduled tours.
Please check Upcoming Centennial Farm Closures for additional closures or hour changes.

Q: How much is admission to Centennial Farm?
A: Admission and parking for Centennial Farm are FREE provided there are no property-wide events scheduled. Please check the property Event Calendar to see if your visit will be affected. Property-wide events will be noted as "all grounds." Note: Centennial Farm is closed on all state and federal holidays.

Q: Does Centennial Farm offer tours?
A: Yes, Centennial Farm offers two types of tours; Jr. Farmer Tours which are reserved for Kindergarten through third grade and Centennial Farm Discovery Days which are open to all grade levels as well as the public. For more information on each of these tour types please visit the Tour Reservations link. Reservations are required for both programs.

We do not currently offer tours during weekday public hours or on weekends. If you are visiting during these times and would like to create a more “tour-like” experience, please visit the Educational Materials page for a scavenger hunt and other farm related activities.

Q: Does Centennial Farm offer birthday parties?
A: At this time Centennial Farm does not offer birthday party reservations.

Q: Does Centennial Farm rent straw?
A: Yes, Centennial Farm rents out straw. For more information on straw rental please visit Centennial Farm Rentals.

Q: Can I donate my animal to Centennial Farm?
A: Due to animal welfare as well as space restrictions, Centennial Farm is not able to accept animal donations from private parties.

Q: Can I pick the crops at Centennial Farm?
A: No. Centennial Farm crops are grown as an educational tool for tours and the visiting public so picking of the crops is strictly prohibited. When crops are harvested by our staff they are either donated to Second Harvest Food Bank or placed in our produce bin where the public is welcome to take some produce in lieu of a donation.

Q: Can I feed the animals at Centennial Farm?
A: Guests are not permitted to feed the animals at Centennial Farm as they are all on special diets and we want to maintain the utmost health of our animals.

Q: Can I milk a cow at Centennial Farm?
A: Centennial Farm cows are milked twice a day by machine. For safety reasons this process is only performed by trained Centennial Farm staff. Cow milking takes place in the Millennium Barn and guests are welcome to watch. Please call (714) 708-1619 to find out the milking times as the milking schedule may vary.

If you are interested or have further questions you may call (714) 708-1619 or e-mail us at

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